This is another combo post of both the status of the messed up evdl nabble
(which is why I am posting differently than before and filling up your
as well as my TX trip attending the San Antonio (SA) NDEW.

Recently, I sent another email to our evdl sys admin asking for a status, I
have not heard back.
Last email I got from our evdl sys-admin was he was busy with other things.
The nabble archive is still messed up after a month, and my news posts will
continue to clog your intrays. So, if you are not pleased that instead of
only receiving one EVnews email a day, has now turned into several, then let
our evdl sys-admin know. 

Currently, I just returned from a relocation-reconnoiter trip in Texas. I
will be busy with tasks to that end for a while, but once completed, and if
this evdl nabble archive snafu is not resolved, I will have to consider
making other arrangements (you'll have to get my EVnews posts from somewhere
else). Which seems a shame as we all had something going really well on the
evdl, and now ... its discombobulated.

My TX-trip adventure details would be OT for the evdl (no one wants to read
them anyway), but open to corrections from our local Tesla driving Texan
Willie, my experience has me not seeking Austin nor San Antonio (much too
much growth and intensity like the Silicon Valley I am trying to get away
from), but north of there where it is quieter (the sticks).

It will be quite a change for me from the intense EV scene of Silicon Valley 
(after I had taken the I-35 exit, I knew I was in (Silicon Valley-esk)
Austin when I saw my first 'Gunmetal Grey' Leaf, after not seeing an EV in
TX for a whole week).
Austin is fairly fat on public L3 EVSE, with a good dispersal of L2 all

Where I was north of there & later in SA ... forget-about-it ... nil, zip
public L3 EVSE.
It was like stepping back into the EV scene Silicon Valley had back in the
late 1990's 
(when enough public EVSE was just a mere twinkle in this EVangel's eye).

I attended the 9/16 SA NDEW EVent, where the SA public had plenty of EV
interest (they were quite hungry for more plugin information). I was having
so much enjoyment helping out, I all but ignored 95+F heat & all the pain of
being on my feet for several hours. 
Afterward, I took my spent/exhausted body back to my rental ice in the far
away parking lot, and rested in its AC awhile (their NDEW was a valuable
experience for me which I would do all again in a heart beat). Once I am
relocated, I can foresee me planning the long drive south each year to
attend SA's annual NDEW EVent.

Lastly, here are a few news items you might find interesting:
The horrible world of EV Adapters (and I thought USB C was bad)
17 September 2017  Man there are just too many different standards for plugs
in the world. As soon as you leave the world of regular plugs (in the US,
these little things are called NEMA 5-20P). The decoder ring btw is, so for
instance a NEMA 14-50P means: …

% The media is drinking the Koch-Kool-Aid while taking Koch Bros' anti-EV
funding %
Why You’ll Still Be Pumping Gas Even as Electric Cars Take Over
Sep 21 2017  The reality, industry leaders stress, is that pure
battery-electric models, such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV and the Nissan Leaf,
will remain relatively niche players for ...
European utilities: EVs almost double household electricity use
September 23, 2017  Deutsche Bank ponders the impact of electric vehicles
(EVs) growth on European utilities and sees electricity distribution cos as
the likely clearest winners ...
USC Upstate professor awarded $363K to study effects of electric cars
Sep 22, 2017  A University of South Carolina Upstate professor is working to
make sure the country's power grid can handle the growing popularity of
electric cars ... a 3-year project ...

EVLN: Media Drinks Deeply Of Koch Bros' Anti-EV Kool-Aid
Mar 15, 2016
EVLN: Koch Brothers' Multimillion Dollar War on EVs
Feb 20, 2016
"Drinking the Kool-Aid" is an idiom commonly used in the United States that
refers to any person or group who goes along with a doomed or dangerous idea

Drive Electric Week Events Kick Gas in all 50 States
09/22/2017  In its seventh year, National Drive Electric Week (NDEW)
demonstrated once ... more than 100,000 people attended 279 EV promotion
events in all 50 states ...

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