EVLN: Tesla big-rig e-truck next month> the low end of “long-haul” trucking
Tesla’s ‘long-haul’ electric truck aims for 480km range
Tesla next month plans to unveil an electric big-rig truck with a working
range of 200 to 300 miles ...
EVLN: Cummins,Roush Aeos Class 7 Urban Hauler Electric Daycab Tractor (v)
With all eyes looking toward Tesla and the launch of its new all-electric,
commercial ... will offer additional battery packs, or range-extending ice
generator (like i3-rex) that could triple vehicle's distance capabilities
EVLN: AU$5M/US$3.9M from OZ gov to SEA Electric> e-convert commercial
trucks& vans to EVs
Oz Government Bankrolling CV Electric Conversions
SEA Electric integrates and assembles electric-vehicle drive systems into a
basic chassis and framework, including the cab, battery pack and electric
motor ...
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