EVLN: Audi,Alta-Devices put 25%-efficient flexible roof-mounted PVs on their
Solar Panels on Electric Vehicle? A Prototype from Audi Comes out ...
Electric car with solar panels? ... a Chinese company presented it last year
... This is a partnership ... Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, the Chinese
solar equipment maker ... Thin, flexible roof-mounted solar panels with a
25-percent efficiency could keep Audi electric cars topped up ...
EVLN: Nissan Electric van converted into luxury eco-friendly camper w/ roof
Motorist converts Nissan electric van into luxury eco-friendly camper ...
Powered entirely by solar and electric charge, the motor costs an impressive
0.02p ... £50 – some £250 cheaper than the cost of the same journey in a
petrol car ... Barcelona& back for ~£50 ...
EVLN: EMP's integrated rigid-sail(wind)& solar-power system for ships
Deployment of patented rigid sail and solar power system
The world's first installation of an integrated rigid sail and solar power
system for ships using EMP's patented ...
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