Chevy admits small number of Bolt EVs have faulty batteries
Aug 27, 2017  Adam Westlake


Many early Chevy Bolt drivers are probably excited to be among the first to
own the compact all-electric vehicle, however it’s almost always these early
buyers that experience the most problems. Unfortunately that seems to be the
case with the Bolt, as Chevy has revealed that a very small number of the
cars have battery issues that could result in drivers left unexpectedly
stuck without a charge.

The problem seems to be limited to some of the very first Bolt models that
were manufactured, where a single defective cell in the battery causes them
to hold less of a charge than they’re supposed to. The result is that the
car displays an inaccurate range reading, meaning drivers may abruptly run
out of power.

The good news is that this issue truly is limited to a small number of
Bolts. GM’s Chris Bonelli says that roughly 1% of the EVs on the road are
affected, which only amounts to around 100 vehicles. The faulty batteries
must be replaced entirely, and Chevy says it will be performing the repairs
at no cost.

GM notes that it’s in the process of notifying owners with potentially
problematic batteries. The company says it can use OnStar data to identify
which vehicles need servicing before they experience a loss of power.
General Motors Notifies Early Chevy Bolt Owners of Potential Battery Failure
August 24, 2017 ... A 2017 Chevrolet Bolt after an unexpected battery
problem that left the car disabled ...
Your Chevrolet Bolt may have a battery problem
August 25, 2017  Emme Hall

You may have less juice than you think  / Tim Stevens/Roadshow

A fault in a single battery cell may cause a false range reading.

If you own a Chevrolet Bolt, you may be in for a sudden awakening. GM has
notified a few hundred owners of the all-electric car that it may have a
faulty battery that would cause a false range reading. reports that early versions of the Bolt can experience a
battery failure that completely disables the car. The media outlet confirmed
the problem with a GM spokesman.

Chevrolet says the problem may be limited to just a single cell going bad in
the battery pack. The solution is to replace the entire battery pack.

Chevrolet began sales of the Bolt model in December of last year. The fully
electric Bolt boasts a range of 236 miles, making it second only to Tesla's
models in range. Electric cars comprise only a small sliver of current
automotive sales in the US, but the market is likely to grow significantly
as more people experience how they work. Problems, such as the Bolt's
battery failure, could have an outsize impact on electric car adoption.

In an interview with Roadshow, Chris Bonelli, communications coordinator for
advanced technology communications at GM, said that less than 1 percent of
Bolt customers have experienced this problem so far, but that the company
plans to notify any customers who may potentially have a bad battery pack.

"We can use data from OnStar to identify which packs are likely to have the
problem and reach out to them before they experience a loss of propulsion.
These are early production Bolts. Not all Bolt owners will experience this

The Bolt has been selling well since it became available in December of last
year, and will roll out to more dealers nationwide this September. Korean
electronics company LG, which supplies electric drive components for the
Bolt, recently said it would build a factory in Michigan to bolster
GM: Chevy Bolt Owners Face Risk of Battery Failure
Less than 200 Chevy Bolts are affected
Aug 25, 2017  William White

General Motors Company is warning Chevy Bolt owners of the risk of battery

GM says that there are less than 200 Chevy Bolt owners that may have issues
with the batteries in the vehicle. The company says that this is due to
faulty cells in the battery pack. It is fixing the problem by replacing the
entire battery pack, even if only one cell is affected.

GM says that the issues was brought to its attention by OnStar. The roadside
assistance service was reporting strange issues with Chevy Bolts that are
from early in the vehicle’s production. The automaker is sending messages to
Bolt owners to warn them of the problem.

The issue affecting Chevy Bolts can result in the vehicle not displaying the
proper range. One case had an owner with 100 miles left for use, according
to the car’s system, but the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road
shortly after this. GM estimates that less than 1% of Bolts owners will face
this issue ...
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