BMW adds a sport package to the i3 electric vehicle
Aug 28, 2017  Matt Burns


The BMW i3 will soon be available with a sport package that adds a few
ponies, sportier wheels and a slightly different look to let other drivers
know you’re serious about not using gasoline. The updated model is called
the i3s and marks the first time the automaker added a dedicated sport
package to the i3 or i7, though the i8 is already sporty enough.

This package comes as part of the i3’s mid-model refresh and should add a
boost to the little i3, which is already a blast to drive. The low curb
weight and peppy electric powertrain results in a car that’s surprisingly
quick and responsive. The 2018 i3S comes equipped with a motor that outputs
184 hp and 199 lb-ft. That’s a slight boost over the standard motor that has
170 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The i3s will also come with a stiffer
suspension and wider 20-inch wheels.

The mid-size i3 came out as a 2014 model, well ahead of the similarly sized
Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Yet despite the head start, the i3’s short 87
mile range and $43,000 starting price kept the car from being a mass-market
hit. And it doesn’t seem as if BMW is adding range to the model, either.

When compared to other electric vehicles, the upgraded i3s is still a sad
option to the Chevy Bolt or Model 3, which are both available at lower
starting prices and easily double the range of the BMW. However, the i3 is
still offered with a range-extending generator that essentially turns the
vehicle into a hybrid vehicle that can partly run on gasoline.

BMW is not dropping the EV standard, though. The i3s’s new motors clearly
state that the car company is still working on electric vehicles.

Pricing on the 2018 models have yet to be released. Look for that next month
at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
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BMW prepping sporty S version of the i3 electric car
Aug 29, 2017  Neil Briscoe

Both the BMW i3 electric hatchback and its sporty i3s version will appear at
the Frankfurt motor show in two weeks’ time

Hotter i3 to appear alongside facelifted standard model at Frankfurt show

BMW has confirmed the details of its updated i3 electric hatchback, along
with the debut of the sporty i3s version, and both will put in an appearance
at the Frankfurt motor show in two weeks’ time.

The i3s gets an extra 14hp from its electric motor, for a total of 184hp
(compared with the standard i3’s 170hp) plus an extra 20Nm of torque (270Nm
versus the standard i3’s 250Nm). It also boasts lower suspension (by 10mm)
and wider front tyres (by 20mm – the i3 has famously narrow front tyres for
the benefit of aerodynamic performance), while the track is a full 40mm
wider, whichshould lead to sharper, sportier handling (not that the standard
i3 was ever especially lacking in such sensations). On top of that, the
suspension is retuned for the S, and there’s the addition of a Sport mode –
denied to the standard car – for the Driving Experience Control.

All of which knocks 0.4 seconds off the 0-100km per hour time – the i3s will
do that sprint from standstill in 6.9 seconds, while the regular version
takes 7.3 seconds. The i3s also has a fractionally higher top speed: 160km
per hour compared with 150km per hour.

While the standard i3 continues to claim an NEDC official one-charge range
of 300km (or more with the optional range-extender on-board petrol engine),
the i3s has a slightly shorter claimed range of 280km. BMW says both models
will manage a realistic 200km in everyday driving.
New bumpers

The standard car’s looks have been very slightly tweaked, with new bumpers
front and rear, and new LED headlights now standard across the range. The
roof and door pillars can be had in a contrast black colour, while there are
new paint options, including Melbourne Red and Imperial Blue.

You can also specify a new “Lodge” interior style, which includes a new seat
surface in a mix of Solaric Brown natural leather and sheep wool.

The i3s gets a chunkier bodykit, and more aggressive-looking 20-inch alloy
wheels, while both models get an infotainment upgrade to the latest version
of iDrive, with its tile menu layout. That also comes with new connected
services, including a car-to-car hazard warning system, on-street parking
availability search, and over-the-air updates for the satnav map.

BMW has also developed a new charging cable that, working with a new version
of the BMW i wall-mounted charger, can top up either car’s charge by as much
as 180km in three hours, five times faster than the old standard cable. 
2018 BMW i3 revealed with new tech, exterior upgrades
August 29, 2017  Marcus De Guzman


BMW refreshes the i3 EV, adds new high-performance S model

Six months ago, our spies managed to spot the 2018 BMW i3 refresh draped in
heavy camouflage. From the looks of things, the electric vehicle (EV) will
adopt an evolutionary redesign along with a more powerful variant

Today, BMW has confirmed that after revealing the 2018 i3. Sporting a
revised exterior, along with new technologies, BMW aims to make the updated
i3 more appealing to buyers by giving it a sportier finish, better handling
and a new high performance model dubbed the 'i3S'.

Beginning with its exterior, the 2018 i3 features an evolutionary design
from its predecessor. While still relatively looking the same as the
pre-updated model, the refreshed EV receives some subtle revisions. First up
are the front and rear bumpers which have been redesigned. According to BMW,
the revised front and rear highlight the car's wider stance.

This works in tandem with the new sports suspenion that drops ride height by
10mm, along with the black gloss finished wheel arch moldings and 20-inch
lightweight aluminum alloy wheels. In addition, the new wheels can also be
specified in Jet Black for a more aggressive finish.

Beyond that, the 2018 i3 now also comes with full LED headlights and daytime
running lights (DRLs). Even the turn signals now use LEDs for better
illumination. Completing the exterior updates are two new paint options,
Melbourne Red Metallic and Imperial Blue Metallic.

Stepping inside, the refreshed EV gets BMW's latest in-car infotainment
system in the form of iDrive 6. It is channeled through a 10.25-inch display
and comes with navigation, voice recognition and a dictate function for
e-mails and text messages as such. Also available as an option is Apple
CarPlay which allows drivers to interface their iPhone onto the car's
onboard system.

As for the cabin itself, the 2018 i3 can be specified in a variety of trim
options. Depending on the model chosen, the i3 can come with brown leather
upholstery mixed with cloth fabric, or tanned leather with a wool-based
trim. In addition, almost all of the materials used in the i3's cabin are
recycled plastics, renewable materials, natural fibers and unbleached
eucalyptus wood.

As before, the 2018 i3 is powered by a synchronus electric motor that pushes
out 170 PS and 249 Nm of torque. It can sprint from 0 – 97 km/h in 7.2
seconds before reaching a top speed of 150 km/h. For those that want more
pep in their i3, BMW is now also offering a more powerful version in the

The BMW i3S cranks out 184 PS along with a healthy pulling power rated at
270 Nm. Its drive system has been updated as well over the standard model
and comes with a modified motor control and tapered roller bearings.
Compared to the standard i3, the i3S represents a 40-percent improvement in
power. 0 - 97 km/h is achieved at 6.8 seconds while top speed is limited at
160 km/h.

Other than that, the 2018 i3S also gets a sports specific springs, dampers
and anti-roll bars for better handling on the limit. There is even a Sport
mode available which delivers better accelerator response and tighter

Available as an option for both the standard i3 and i3S is the two-cylinder
range extender gasoline engine. It produces power to charge the high-voltage
battery which then powers the electric motor. With it, the i3's maximum
range of 156 km can be extended to 290 km.

Other features available for the 2018 BMW i3 include: Actice Cruise Control,
Active Driving Assistant, Advanced Real Time Traffic Information, Park
Distance Control, Front Collision Warning and Pedestrian Protection as such.
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