EVLN: i3s EV is tweaked a little peppier, but includes a slooow half-power
2018 BMW i3s Is A Sportier City EV, With A $500 TurboCord
Guess which kind of update we've got in the new 2018 BMW i3? ... the all-new
BMW i3s ... The low curb weight and peppy electric powertrain results in a
car that's surprisingly quick and responsive ... 2018 BMW i3 revealed with
new tech, exterior upgrades ... Six months ago, our spies managed to spot
the 2018 BMW i3 refresh draped in heavy camouflage ...
EVLN: 2017 Mini Electric Concept is just a gutted Mini Hardtop Coupé
The 2017 Mini Electric Concept Is A Confusing Approach ...
The sides are busy, the wheels are silly, but the front and rear treatments
are actually pretty subtle for an electric car, and the cool new headlights,
Union Jack ...
EVLN: Chevy admits small number of early Bolt EVs have faulty battery packs
Many early Chevy Bolt drivers are probably excited to be among the first to
own the compact all-electric vehicle, however it's almost always these early
buyers ... Face Risk of Battery Failure ... Your Chevrolet Bolt may have a
battery problem ... GM has notified a few hundred owners ...  the Bolt can
experience a battery failure that completely disables the car ...
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