EVLN: Tesla-S P100D review> the ultimate status-symbol of cool
The Tesla Model S P100D electric car is for a customer who can spend
$162000. The car I drove on my journey came off Elon Musk's Fremont,
California, assembly line in June ... Shawn, who is too young to have a
driver's license, steals the car from parents' ...
EVLN: Scottish couple's Leaf 1st EV to complete the Mongol Rally
A Scottish couple have become the first people to complete the Mongol Rally
in an all-electric vehicle after relying on cafes, hotels and BARBERSHOPS to
... Chris and Julie Ramsey became the first couple to complete the Mongol
rally in an electric car ... In total the pair will clock up more than
10,500 miles during the trip ...
EVLN: enters electric car w/ li-ceramic battery
Solid state battery maker Prologium enters electric car market
Since lithium batteries face development limitations for adoption by
electric cars and have often been marred by reports of fire hazards, car
vendors have been ...
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