Electric car prototype is built for Africa's rural roads
2017/09/16  Jon Fingas

[image  / Technical University of Munich
Chair for Automotive Engineering/TUM

Das aCar auf der IAA

The aCar is tough and flexible enough to survive harsh conditions.

With a few exceptions, most electric cars are delicate, expensive creatures
designed for paved streets and well-heeled early adopters. And that makes
them ill-suited to rural Africa -- many roads away from the cities aren't
paved at all, and just about any EV would be out of reach. That's where the
Technical University of Munich comes into play. It recently revealed a
prototype electric vehicle, the aCar, that's designed for both the
conditions and uses of rural Africa.

It has a rugged, four-wheel drive design that can handle dirt roads and
off-roading. It only has about 50 miles of range, but the very nature of an
electric motor makes it both well-suited to clearing obstacles (since it
always has full torque) and more reliable. Also, it's modular -- it can
switch between carrying passengers and cargo, and you can even use the
battery to power a winch or other equipment beyond the car.

The aCar completed real-world tests in Ghana this July, and it's already
expected to go into production (eventually in Africa) with a target price
below €10,000 (about $11,944). That's not a trivial expense, but it's far
more affordable than the Nissan Leaf and other vehicles that wouldn't be as
well-suited to the African landscape.
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aCar – The electric “all-rounder”
21.08.2017  An electric car for Africa, custom-designed for the needs of the
population there, that strengthens rural structures and helps drive the
economy: Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and partners
have been working intensively towards this goal for four years ... The new
aCar prototype

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