What is the intention with this charger?
Is it going to be unmanaged, always-on, private but publicly accessible
charging station
that can be used by anyone who wants a charge
or is it in a private parking lot with parking restrictions so it can
only be used by visitors/members
and is it intended for as-fast-as-possible L2 (30+ Amps) or just as a
convenience to allow people 
to top up?
Is there a limit how much current or power the church wants to provide
and/or put the charger on a timer?

Note that the cheapest and most widely usable "charger" is a 120V 20A
If you can have a cheap outdoor (with cover and GFCI) standard 120V
outlet for each of the slots
(so, 2x 20 Amp breakers) then *anyone* can get a charge if they really
need to, it will just be slow
and sometimes that is exactly the purpose - not charge more than you
need to avoid mooching too much.

For L2, I know that EMW has a dual Juicebox but there are plenty others
who offer dual chargers,
though not everyone is able to share the two chargers on a single
circuit, which may be what is needed,
depending on whether the church can afford to add dual 240V circuits
(and 2x 120V legs for the outlets)
Question is if you want to remotely manage the chargers, whether they
should be free or paid
and which type gives you the best bang for the buck.

Just some food for thought.

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Hey, folks,
A church I work with is building a new building, and I'm encouraging
them to put in a Level-2 charger, likely for two positions. Any
recommendations on which to install? Even Home Despot offers some two
dozen choices, and I'm sure some rank better than others. Which are the
more flexible, which more trouble-prone, etc?

Cal Frye, Oberlin, OH <>
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