EVLN: Bentley EV based on Porsche Mission E> great news for sports car
Bentley Chooses To Build EV Sports Car Over Small SUV
Unfortunately, the company had to make a choice whether to build a new EV
sports car or a smaller crossover model to slot under the Bentayga ...
EVLN: My Tesla costs £20 to charge& has WiFi> EVs have benefit$ & snags,
I tend to stop for a coffee at the services on the way back, plug the car in
and have enough ... Good Energy has a cheaper home tariff for electric car
owners ...
EVLN: WIN a fabulous new £20k ZOE Dynamique> (Why no Zoe for the US?)
Renault Zoe was best-selling plug-in model in Switzerland last month
With 400 new plug-in electric vehicles registered last month in Switzerland
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