Annapolis Maryland, the state capitol and sailing capital of the world
with hundreds of miles of million dollar waterfront has only one Nissan
dealer.  He has no EV's and no interest in them.  Yo have to go inland to
a middle class suburb of Washington DC to find a Nissan Delaer that sell's

I had a friend very interested in getting a leaf, but he chickend out when
he found he would have to drive 25 miles to a Nissan dealer for all
service since the Annapolis one of course does not service them either.  I
suggested EV's need only 10% of the service of an ICE and so service of
tires and wipers can be done by any dealer... but I can understand why he
was concerned..


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I asked our local Nissan dealership (Opelousus Louisiana) about looking at
a Leaf. He said that they had one a few years ago but it did not sell so
they shipped it to another dealership.
Several years ago we asked a salesman at the Ford dealership (Lafayette
Louisiana) about getting an Escape hybrid. He spent a lot of time trying
to explain why hybrid cars were a bad idea in the hot South. He pushed us
to buy an ICE Explorer so we left.

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> Had an interesting encounter at the Mitsubishi dealer last night.  I
> had been in the night before to drop of my i-MiEV to reset an errant
> (airbag) light.  I kindly older gent in a dealer logo shirt helped me
> take care of that.  Last night to pick it up the same guy came out as
> I was going in, and he stopped me to ask how I liked my car.  I told
> him I loved it, but didn't press the issue because I wan't to get back
> Turns out he owns the place.  He informed me (in the most friendly,
> car dealer kind of way), that he refuses to sell the i-MiEV there.
> The short version of his reasoning is that whenever he gets an
> electric trade-in (even the Toyotas!), the batteries are toast and
> they're "running on the engine only."  He "just doesn't want to see
> the customers get hurt."  (And BTW, the only plug-ins we get here in
> PA are full electric.  And I'm pretty sure my i-MiEV is one of maybe 3
> that he's ever seen.)
> I was being as polite as possible, but I must have given him a "that
> makes no sense at all' sort of expression.  He then proceeded to tell
> me that the Space Station has 7000 - 8000 lbs of batteries, which they
> need because they "just keep going through them" - they're just not
> reliable enough.  He saw he was getting no traction with me so he
> nicely but abruptly broke off the conversation.
> Just for a giggle I googled when I got home.  At
> upgrading-iss-batteries/
> I found that the ISS batteries are NiH2 and they're very reliable but
> they're reaching the end of their lives.  So they swapped some out for
> lithium this year, and those have vastly improved performance and
> energy density.
> Is this typical of the looney-toons crapola people have to deal with
> when buying an EV?  Seriously - that was some truly 'out-there' BS he
> was shoveling, and he did so as if it was as evident as the sky being
> We humans have SO much evolving yet to do.
> Chris
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