EVLN: Will Dyson's EV suck, or blow us away?> (4real in 2020?)
Dyson says it will spend $2.7 billion developing an electric car
He said he hopes the vehicle will be just the first of a line of electric
vehicles from Dyson and predicted that within a few years electric cars
would be the largest ...
EVLN: Consider Buying A Used Electric Car> owners' pride in driving greener
Not only are preowned electric vehicles like the above 2015 Nissan Leaf dirt
... used-vehicle shoppers might be concerned about having to ... They're
cheap to buy and still cheaper to run than a conventional vehicle, provided
you can live with their ...
EVLN: VW Chattanooga-TN's future> Roadmap-E EV-plans shown-off (more pr
fluff) (v)
"VW Chattanooga would love to be the plant producing electric vehicles in
North America but the company has not announced yet where they will go," VW
... It is looking at the future and plans to unveil an electric Microbus and
other new autos ...
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