% Lack-of or sketchy writer statements makes for misinformation. At the end
it says the couple got a replacement Tesla after insurance said it was a
total loss from a street flood. So, is it that couple has 2 Tesla EVs, or is
this their second EV but they really only have one?

 It seems odd that the couple would need to boost their charge at a L2 at
the Kearney Hy-Vee if there are a beaucoup superchargers available in NE

 From Kearney to Wallace is going West to get home. So the couple must have
bought their Tesla EV from the KS Tesla dealership 540mi/8.3hrs away ...

  instead of from the CO Tesla dealership 290mi/4.5hrs away ...

 which seems odd to me when the CO dealership is closer.
The writer did not say which model they bought, but at $70k and them having
range anxst, I'll assume it was the less expensive Tesla-S 60 model. 
There are other inaccuracies, but the above are the most curious. %

It’s electric: Wallace couple purchases second Tesla car
28 Sep 2017  JOB VIGIL

It’s electric

Monte and Ruth Sheffield, of rural Wallace, pose in front of their brand new
Tesla electric automobile that was delivered to their home on Wednesday.

WALLACE — Now that the infrastructure is falling into place, Monte and Ruth
Sheffield will be able to drive their new Tesla electric car more in

When the Sheffields bought their first Tesla about 4½ years ago, they pushed
the envelope just to get to Kearney and back.

“That was right on the edge of the range of our first car,” Ruth said.

Monte said the Hy-Vee in Kearney has an electric charger but it’s 220 volts
and takes an hour to get 25 miles of charge.

“So it’s really slow,” Monte said. “That’s what we have in our garage, but
overnight it’s completely charged. When you’re sitting in Kearney at the
Hy-Vee, an hour is enough.”

Tesla has installed superchargers all across the country, most of which are
on the West and East coasts. The Sheffields took a trip to California about
two years ago.

“When you charge it, there is no fee for using those chargers,” Monte said.
“It’s all included in the price of the car. You pull in, plug in, charge,
and there’s no credit-card transaction.”

Now there are superchargers across Interstate 80, including in Sidney,
Ogallala, Gothenburg, Grand Island, Lincoln and Omaha.

“Our electric bills went up about $50 a month to charge the car,” Monte
said. “When I charge here at home, for a dollar’s worth of electricity I can
go 28 or 30 miles.”

Ruth said Monte became interested in the Tesla after reading an article and
has become “obsessed” with the car.

“He just can’t get enough of learning about the technology and the car,”
Ruth said.

The base cost of a Tesla Model S, which is the model the Sheffields
purchased, is about $70,000.

“It’s really not that much more than a new SUV,” Ruth said. “And the cost to
run it is much less.”

The Tesla company continues to grow with battery technology, and it has
created an electricity-storing product called the Powerwall that could
change the way electricity is brought to rural areas.

Elon Musk founded Tesla Motors, PayPal and SpaceX and has a desire to see a
reduction in pollution.

His vision is to “change the world by reducing global warming through
sustainable energy production and consumption,” according to the Tesla

And that technology has reached the Sheffields in rural Wallace to the point
they now have their second Tesla vehicle.

The Sheffields said they were caught in a huge rainstorm in Grand Island
while visiting family and street flooding filled the car with water. The
insurance company totaled the car, and on Wednesday, a new one was delivered
directly to them.
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Hy-Vee Market  Kearney-NE

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