EVLN: Schwarzenegger gets his Kreisel Hummer EV> but no one else will
r:300km ts:120kph
Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils All-Electric Hummer H1 Prototype
Kreisel Electric, a small Austria-based startup for converting internal
combustion vehicle to electric, earlier this year built a custom
all-electric Mercedes G-Class ...
EVLN: Automakers pay Tesla $1B for carbon-credits> “Nobody’s happy”
Tesla has generated nearly $1 billion in revenue the last five years from an
unlikely source: Rival automakers. Funding Tesla Ticks Off Automakers
Needing Electric Car Credits 
... Funding Tesla Angers Automakers That Need Electric Car Credits ... “In
effect, they helped to finance this upstart company which now has all the
glamour” ...
EVLN: 3Wheel EV Looks Fantastic> w/ removable suitcase pack r:160km/100mi
This Planned Electric Three-Wheeler Looks Fantastic And Has A ...
... hypothetically, come to the U.S. and be free from all those
crash-testing rules ... The proposed specs on the NOBE are that its electric
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