I want to develop a way to charge an EV from a Solar array when the grid
is down cheaply.

My thiking is that typical modified sine 12v/120VAC inverters do their
inversion first from 12VDC to high voltage DC first, and then they chop it
to make it modified sine.

If that is the case, it should be possible to inject high votage DC from
the solar panels at that same point and produce the same 120VAC.  This
then can drive any standard 120v EVSE.

We can tap into solar panels in increments of 30 VDC and should find one
close.  The problem will be the starting process to bring the VOC down to
the Vmax that matches the HV in the inverter..  That can be done with a
trivial big resistive load a few caps and then transfer relay maybe.

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