You could get a 120vac grid tie inverter. Those typically have a mppt front end 
that boosts or bucks to a nominal 180vdc before inverting to 120vac. 

Connect the two 180v dc buses and you're good to go.

Having a bit of storage capacity on that dc bus would be ideal for starting 

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On 6 Oct 2017 21:39, at 21:39, Robert Bruninga via EV <> wrote:
>I want to develop a way to charge an EV from a Solar array when the
>is down cheaply.
>My thiking is that typical modified sine 12v/120VAC inverters do their
>inversion first from 12VDC to high voltage DC first, and then they chop
>to make it modified sine.
>If that is the case, it should be possible to inject high votage DC
>the solar panels at that same point and produce the same 120VAC.  This
>then can drive any standard 120v EVSE.
>We can tap into solar panels in increments of 30 VDC and should find
>close.  The problem will be the starting process to bring the VOC down
>the Vmax that matches the HV in the inverter..  That can be done with a
>trivial big resistive load a few caps and then transfer relay maybe.
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