% So as some know, a couple of weeks ago I was in Texas checking things out.
When I pulled off I-35 into Austin after spending a week 2 hours away north,
it was a bit of a shock to go from zero, nada, zip EVs on the same TX roads,
to once again begin seeing them (it is said Austin is the Silicon Valley of

It was a gun-grey Leaf EV
 and though I did not see one, it could have easily had an
easy-reaching-rifle-rack in it.

When I returned to Silicon Valley (CA), once again there were EVs seen
everywhere on the roads I was driving. Most of the Leaf EVs looked like the
older baby-blue colored cheaper trim model types that had just been sold
coming off lease

Mostly in parking lots would I see EVs, but much more rarely I would find a
Soul EV

It was the while CA HOV stickers that gave them away (that the vehicle was
an EV) usually. There were plenty of Fiat 500e EVs since these were the most
affordable and made available

 They came in all colors

 Even a 500e Abarth with its flashy interior and exterior paint accents.

In driving to Palo Alto to try to resolve a assault on my financial account
from a skimmer/scammer draining that account, I saw different BMW i3 EVs on
El Camino Real (the main drag). The first looked looked like the new 2018 i3
EV model 
 owner had just taken delivery, sporting no-lic plate yet but it already had
its CA HOV stickers the dealership had put on it (well at least dealerships
are good for something).

 And then a block later, an older, and a bit tired looking i3 EV model
pulled into traffic
 Two blocks later, another older i3 joined the procession (it needed a wash,
but CA residents are still in water conservation mode from the very long

 Way, way in the back parking lot where I finally found a parking space, as
I looked up at the car parking in front of me, I saw a new GM Bolt EV
 I had not seen a black one before as most of the first way of Bolt EV
deliveries to the SF area were the orange/gold colored ones.

Today, hobbling back to the parking lot after I had finished my shopping, I
notices a gull wing door way high in the air in the tightly packed front row
parking (next to the stores). It was a new white Tesla-X. The mother was
bottle feeding her baby facing to the rear in a child seat strapped in the
second row seating.

Tesla Model X - Car Seats, Babies, & Baby Proofing - 5:56
Feb 4, 2017 - Uploaded by The Nerdy Engineer
After recently having a baby, I've seen how great a Model X is for dealing
with car seats. However, there are a ...

I chided her to break the ice, saying she had her gull wing door up to show
off. She smiled, yet continued to care for her child while I yakked. She had
mounted a large hand mirror on the seat back side. She said it was so she
could see her baby while she drove, and for the baby to also be able to see
her (interesting). 

A person of my size I kept my distance so as to not cause the little mother
any fear. But I polity ended the chat and thanked her for time.

I continued on my way taking the longer route so as to find a wheel chair
ramp to enter the road (that way I do not have to incur the instability of
step down or up a curb when using my cane).

I came across a fellow senior sitting on a bench the strip mall provided. I
mentioned to her that there was a Telsa in the parking lot, pointing to the
gull wing door flying high up in the air.

She expressed her happiness that now there were EVs, that the climate really
needs the serious help lower polluting EVs can provide. Here daughter came
out of a nearby shop, and found her Mom on the bench while I was talking
with her.

I also let her daughter know of the Tesla, and she said a curious thing I
had not hear before. She said she likes EVs but would never buy a Tesla
because, 'that guy google fired for saying some really horrible things about
women, Tesla hired right away. I let the conversation end after I had
explained how FCVs work.

After I had got home, I did some searching. I did finf there was a guy fired
from goog
Was Google wrong to fire James Damore after memo controversy?
9 August 2017

 But I did not find that Tesla had snapped him up (as the daughter had put
it). The guys resume did not show anything to do with Tesla
James Damore  Senior Software Engineer

The Damore topic is OT on the evdl, but I would like some confirmation, that
Tesla did not hire this guy. IMO, it is likely the daughter got that
mis-information that Tesla had, possibly from rumors passed around when she
was talking to other women, etc.

Does anyone know if Tesla did, or did not hire him?

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