I hope that as we help to rebuild the islands and mainland devastated by
the hurricanes, that we think forward how we rebuild smartly.

Seeing the left image of gas lines in Puerto Rico I was compelled to share
the contrasting image on the right too.  And add a description of 9 solar
panels providing transportation for life.

[image: cid:image001.png@01D33E05.7A20B9C0]

If the image does not come through, it is posted here:

Bottom line.  After helping with the immediate humanitarian crisis, we
should take care not to rebuild, or invest in any more petroleum economy
when we can do it NOW cheaper with solar and Electric Cars fueled  at home
or in the community!  I hope this does not come across as insensitive.  But
Tesla and Germany are sending in solar panels and powerwalls…… Get the
electricity flowing again locally without waiting for the grid to be
rebuilt.    The average cost of EV’s (with incentives) now cost thousands
less than the average cost of all gas car models.   And the new Chevy Bolt
can drive from one end of the island and back on a single overnight

Used EV’s are a bargain too. Starting at $6k for a smart4two through $9k
for a Leaf, up to about $12k for a 3 year old Volt.

We must not invest any more in Fossil fuel infrastructure.  Especiallly
when it is blown away…

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