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[comments] ... fine print at the bottom of the page:
"Certain vehicles may be excluded from the program."
 ... It's easy to get a $2000 discount on a highly profitable Tahoe [ice],
not so easy finding a discount on a car that's already being sold well below
Unless GM decides to juice sales in CARB states for ZEV credits, don't
expect to see any significant discounting ...

[comments] ... The Costco price is dealer invoice. For the Bolt I was
looking at MSRP was 42.760 (premier + infotainment & driver confidence - no
fast charge). The invoice came out to 41,035 (or 4% discount). However they
were adding on $1,065 in "advertising costs" + an additional 1% on the lease
APR. In the end, it was about $400 less than MSRP. I did not like the
"bonus" costs so I walked out without buying from the dealer.

There is a good article on the invoice price of the Bolt at this URL 

 image of the invoice

% Bolt EV is sold in several U.S. states. For example purposes, here are
some CA zip codes to peek& poke with so you can compare prices offered. IMO
big cities will have higher prices, sticks (ag areas) should be lower, etc.

zip code        City            county          comment
90001           Los Angeles     LA              expensive
94101           San Francisco   SF              "
95101           San Jose        Santa Clara "
94203           Sacramento      Sac     "
92037           La Jolla        San Diego       "

95201           Stockton        San Joaquin
94531           Antioch         Contra Costa 
95045           San Juan Bautista       San Benito
95437           Fort Bragg      Mendocino
96001           Redding         Shasta
96006           Adin            Modoc
96014           Callahan        Siskiyou
95531           Crescent City   Del Norte

92231           Calexico        Imperial        cheaper,sticks
93514           Bishop          Inyo            "
93516           Boron           Kern            "
93606           Biola           Fresno          "
93666           Sultana         Tulare          "
93927           Greenfield      Monterey        "
95222           Angels Camp     Calaveras "
95347           Moccasin        Tuolumne        "

Costco Leaks 2017 Chevrolet Bolt Configurator Before Chevy Puts It On Their
11/10/16  Jason Torchinsky


Did you know you can buy cars at Costco? You can, and they don’t even seem
to be in huge 48-packs. In fact, one of the cars you seem to be able to buy
is a 2017 Chevy Bolt, which is interesting because the new Chevy electric
car isn’t available on Chevy’s own site yet. Whoops.

You can’t actually find the Bolt in any of the normal menus on Costco’s
site, but this link will take you right to the Bolt’s configure and price
page. Enter your zip code and the Bolt configurator will be the first thing
that comes up.

As we knew, the Bolt starts at $35,155 ($37,495 MSRP) in its base LT trim,
and goes up to $39,269 ($41,780 MSRP) for the Premier trim. That’s right
about what a Tesla Model 3 costs, with the Bolt having the added benefit of
actually being available in the near-current reality.

One detail I especially like seeing on here is the “1 speed” transmission.
It’s auto for now, but hopefully eventually they’ll offer a Bolt RS that has
a manual 1-speed transmission, with an I-pattern shifter.

You can see all the car’s specs and dimensions here, most of which we knew
already (200 HP, 266 lb-ft/190 Nrp) of torque. But did we know that the
trunk volume is 16.9 cubic feet? Or that the front hip room is 51.6 inches?
I don’t think we did.

The important stuff like the Bolt’s electric range and MPGe are listed as
well, with the overall range given at 238, like we’ve heard, and a combined
MPGe of 119.

So, if you really want a Bolt, and just can’t wait for Chevy to put the
price and configure tools on their website, feel free to try it out over at
Costco until they realize what’s going on and have to take it down before
some poor Costco bastard has to make an uncomfortable phone call to Chevy.
[© jalopnik.com]
Chevrolet Bolt Configurator Goes Live - Build Your Own Now
2016/11  Via Costco's car program, we now have our first full look at the
configurator for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.
Costco Auto Program (@CostcoAuto)
The latest Tweets from Costco Auto Program (@CostcoAuto). Costco members
receive low, prearranged pricing on new and select pre-owned vehicles ...

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