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Ämne: Re: [EVDL] EVLN: Buy your Bolt EV @Costco> (offer expires January 2, 2018)

I don’t think there is just one price.  It’s Costco working with local
dealers who want to sell cars to people who don’t want to haggle.   Costco
bargains with eventually an ”approved” dealer or dealers to bring the price
down to where everyone wins.  The dealer sells a car, the Costco member
receives or perceives a better deal than they would have received through
their own negotiations, and Costco gains a commission.

If you search on Costco car buying service reviews, you’ll find a number of
reviews where the buyer screwed up, the dealership was not ethical and
Costco didn’t exert itself and all were left with unhappy experiences.

The bottom line is that it can work well but you have to read and
understand the agreements, be willing to stay the course or walk away, and
provide Costco with feedback at appropriate times.

The 2018 Bolt was not being offered but the 2017 was listed.

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> 2018)
> http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1113092_costco-members-can-now-get-gm-supplier-pricing-on-chevy-bolt-ev-volt
> Costco members now get GM Supplier Pricing on Chevy Bolt EV, Volt
> Oct 5, 2017  Sean Szymkowski
> ***
> - So what is the costco-Bolt prices in USA?
> / John

ok, Hmm , 

So you think it can be different costco-prices in different states ?

Do we have any Costco-member on this list that can check it?
( Price on different Zip / locations)

/ John
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