Tesla Model 3 Owner Confirms No Free Supercharger Credits
2017/10/20  Steven Loveday

Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!)

    David Garcia Lista @GachRCD
    Replying to @CalvinKlesmith and 2 others
    The same 400 free in the Model 3?
    Model 3 owners don’t get ANY free Supercharging...Period
    8:11 AM - Oct 17, 2017

Apparently, the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t come with any free Supercharger

Originally, all Tesla vehicles came with free unlimited Supercharger access.
At a few points, the automaker announced that it was doing away with this,
and each time the deadline loomed it was extended or a rule was changed
making it so that some people could still enjoy the free access. Now, if you
purchase a Tesla vehicle through the referral program, you can still get
free unlimited lifetime Supercharger access for Model S and X vehicles.
Tesla Superchargers

Tesla Model S and X vehicles come with 400 kWh of free Supercharging per
year, and for the time being, a referral will get you free unlimited
lifetime Supercharging.

There’s been lots of speculation surrounding what type of Supercharger
access or “plan/package” the Model 3 would have. It’s probably safe to say
that most people assumed it would be set up much like the current situation
for the Model S and X. These vehicles come with 400 kWh (about 1,000 miles)
of free Supercharging per year.

We’ve known for some time that the Model 3 wouldn’t have free Supercharging.
Tesla made it clear that it would be on a “pay-per-use” system. However,
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last year that the Model 3 would come with free
long-distance charging (whatever the means). He later elaborated and said:

    “…it will not be free long-distance for life unless you purchase that

Apparently, there’s nothing free about Model 3 Supercharging. Owner
TheRealPTFI recently Tweeted information about a charging session at the
Harris Ranch Supercharger station, which is located between San Francisco
and Los Angeles. It shows that he used 43 kWh and that’s exactly what he was
charged for.

It’s not free to charge any other electric cars and it’s certainly not free
to fill your ICE car with gas. Regardless of the lack of free Supercharger
credits for the Model 3, it will still save people money over an ICE car.
The 400 kWh of free credits would have only saved a driver about $80 a year.

The fact that there has been some confusion along the way, multiple changes
to the system by Tesla, and Musk’s words either being misspoken or
misunderstood, has been frustrating to some. Nonetheless, free access to the
world’s most extensive EV charging network is a pretty tall order.

As with the sale of new Model S and Model X vehicles, what does (or does
not) come with those purchases in regards to Supercharging, is seemingly
always in flux.  So, the reality of today – is not necessarily that of
EV Superchargers: Tesla says no free ride for Model 3 owners
2017/10/20  EV Superchargers: Tesla says no free ride for Model 3 owners ...
The amount charged for electricity at a Supercharger facility is fixed in
each state in the US.

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