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Who made Tesla Model S?

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I have had the experience with my Tesla Roadster of a man asking me, “Who makes that car??” and I replied “Tesla.”

“Yes, but who makes it?”

“Tesla. Tesla Motors.”

Still a blank look. Clearly if I had answered Ford, GM, BMW, or Mercedes, he would have nodded and walked away. Instead there was this “DOES NOT COMPUTE” look in his face that spoke volumes. I could see him thinking: It looks like a real car, like something a, ya know, real car company would build. So what car company, one that I’ve heard of, actually builds it?

“So it’s a foreign car, then,” he finally said.

“No, this one was built in Palo Alto, just a few miles away. And the Model S is built in Fremont. It’s not only an American car, it’s a Californian car!”

The questioner wandered away, befuddled and assuming I was either pulling his leg or out of my mind.

One argument the Texans have made against allowing sales by Tesla (which does not use conventional car dealerships) is that they should not encourage the sales of “foreign” cars. Of course, now that I think about it, California might as well be a foreign country to a Texan, so maybe it’s not as ignorant as it sounds.

I look forward to a day that people do not have to ask questions like "Who made Tesla Model S?”.

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