EVLN: Tesla 100D EV vs Mercedes E63 AMG 4-door sedan ice (v)
'Top Gear' raced a Tesla 100D against a Mercedes sedan ...
At this point, drag-racing a Tesla Model S P100D against  ...  it’s humbling
to see just how fast the Tesla is ...
EVLN: Bulbous 2seat 2017 Smart42 ED cabrio> (has yet to let me down)  r:57mi
What the experts say about the 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive ...
The 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabriolet is a short car with a long
name. The bulbous, color-blocked microcar might look silly, but it's ideal
for city driving ...
EVLN: (Tease-attempt)> carved Leaf EV model robot-dance (v)
Watch Robots Carve Out Nissan's LEAF-Based Electric CUV – Video
They even do a little dance at the end to celebrate their accomplishment in
creating what looks to be Nissan's next electric vehicle, a CUV/SUV. In
preparation for ...

$500 deBlasio fines& e-bicycle confiscations> (to stop NYbiz from using
De Blasio Announces Crackdown On E-Bike Riders
While electric bikes are legal to own in the city, e-bike users are subject
to fines ... "Crossing the street in New York City should not be a harrowing
experience, you shouldn't feel unsafe crossing streets in your own
neighborhood" ...
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