Original message:Hi Fred and All,    Volt are excellent modules but taking them 
apart is not wise as needs cooling flow and compression plus end plates, hard 
to seal back together, cell damage if not compressed on charging.So smallest 
module you get is 4kwh, 2 48vdc sections  at 100lbs is how I'm doing my E trike 
pickup I recently converted from lead.Though I sell these on the EV Trading 
Post at $150/kwh complete modules only, likely the Leaf modules will be better 
at less than half the weight for the amount you need..Unless 100lbs is good 
then Volt's are lower cost, better power, longer lasting.Most want $200/kwh on 
ebay for Leaf modules though haven't checked in a few months as I can get Volt 
packs locally for less. Jerry DycusEnd of Original message.
I've been extending my research and discovered that the Volt modules at a 
purported 48v are really 45.6 nominal. My mower's low voltage cut-out kills the 
blades at about 40-42, rather close to the Volt's nominal level. At least I 
have juice to roll back to the barn, so to speak, but I'd prefer something 
farther away from lvc for the module's nominal level, unless someone has a 
suggestion to work around this (add a segment or two?)
Am I incorrect in expecting that operating voltage will drop to nominal? One of 
my electric transportation devices is a 36 volt nominal, but it only drops 
below that level under heavy load. The mower pulls only 20-30 amperes, hardly a 
heavy load for a 350 amp capable Volt module, yes?
Same concept on the cooling side, it's not likely to get particularly warm at 
1/10 design current. The charger I linked on Amazon is a 6 amp charger. Even if 
it takes overnight to charge, that's not going to warm up the module to the 
point of needing cooling, is it?
The ones I've seen on eBay show as 2kw, 47 ah ratings and about 45 pounds, 
which is not a factor. The current pack of VRSLA batteries are about 150 
pounds. Can a 4kw module be easily halved to get to the 2kw level if the 
voltages would work out for my purposes?

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