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>You've mentioned Leaf modules a few times, but the prices I've seen for those 
>on eBay seem astronomical compared to the Volt. Am I reading the 
>specifications incorrectly? They are listing at 7.6v, I'd need 6 modules and 
>the totals are approaching a thousand dollars with shipping. The amp-hour 
>capacities are also far more than I really need. A pack that gives me 40 ah in 
>lithium would be fairly close to the 75 ah lead pack that once worked fine at 
>my preferred 50% DoD with energy to spare. The Volt packs wouldn't even be 
>pulled down to 30% DoD in normal use.

I guess it depends on where you get your Leaf modules.  (I charge mine to 8.2V, 
and allow discharge down to 7v)
The last pack I bought (whole leaf pack, in leaf box) came out to about 
$50/module.  (Nominally 60AH, but I'm only seeing about 45AH from many of the 
older modules.)


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