EVLN: i3 vs e-Golf> (the two EVs are put to the test)
Used BMW i3 vs VW e-Golf
Electric cars are still a relatively rare sight on UK roads, but as the
charging infrastructure grows, so does the number on sale on the used
market. And with the ...
EVLN: 5Reasons To Buy A Used EV> (They're cheap2 buy& cheap2 run)
With generally low mileages and few maintenance components, a used electric
car could be a very smart choice for some commuters. Though just about every
automaker has announced grand plans to electrify virtually their entire
fleets in the decades ahead, full electric cars ...
EVLN: Volta bonding while rebuilding a rare little dorky Star-Wars early 70s
microEV (v)
Employees at this Silicon Valley start-up are rebuilding a rare 1970s ...
At Volta, a start-up that builds electric vehicle charging infrastructure,
employees work on rare cars together, turning them into street-legal
electric vehicles ...

Sierra Club kills $1M oily-OK road-tax gone (unconstitutionally) wild> Gov.
MaryF disappointed
Oklahoma Supreme Court strikes down fees on hybrid, electric vehicles, says
Legislature passed them unconstitutionally ... House Bill 1449 put a yearly
fee of $100 on electric cars and a $30 fee on hybrid vehicles. It was to
take effect Nov. 1 ...
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