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Max's electric vehicle

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The daily commute can be a bit humdrum, even if your office is a 900hp
open-wheel racing car – but Max Verstappen avoided the shuttle run this
morning and came to the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez with a very different
kind of transfer.

Collected from the hotel in a traditional Mexican bus from the more
eccentric end of the vintage scale, Max managed to cram in as many cultural
stereotypes as possible on his trip to the circuit. First up was breakfast,
courtesy of a taco vendor (Max had potato tacos). After that masked Lucha
Libre wrestler Místico hopped on board for a chat. Next up was the fairly
bizarre Mexican pastime of 'toques' [an electric-shock drinking game].

Since the dawn of the hybrid era, F1 teams have gone to great lengths to
avoid electrocution, but apparently in Mexico City it's evolved into a party
game. Max was asked to grip two metal paddles attached to a 'shock box' and
have electrical current passed through his body. Then everyone else was
encouraged – mostly by Max – to have a go as well. Max described the
experience as "Weird and a little scary – but OK once it started."

After that the bus stopped to pick up – of course – a mariachi band, and the
now very crowded machine headed for the track with the band playing and Max
singing along, having at some point acquired a sombrero. Once at the
circuit, the band serenaded him all the way into hospitality, accompanied by
a sizeable percentage of F1's photographers and cameramen.

"That was pretty interesting," said Max, arriving at the track about 45
minutes after leaving the hotel. "I don't think I could do that commute
every day – but it'd be good for special occasions. Today I was pretty
hungry and wanted some music, so it worked out pretty well!"
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Max Emilian Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver who competes under
the Dutch flag in Formula One with Red Bull Racing ...
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