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Honda Sports EV Concept Is A Retro Modern Adorable Sports Car
Oct 25, 2017  Adrian Padeanu

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(TMS2017) Honda Sports EV Concept

Please build it, Honda.

If you are a fan of the Urban EV concept introduced by Honda last month in
Frankfurt, there’s a very good chance you will also appreciate the Sports EV
concept as it follows a similar design theme. While the showcar from IAA was
envisioned as a petite electric vehicle mostly for city use, the new one
takes the shape of a cutesy two-seater sports car that hopefully one day
will hit the assembly line as it is simply adorable.

Honda is not being very generous with details at the moment of writing, but
it does say the Sports EV concept has a compact size and features artificial
intelligence, so it likely boasts some sort of autonomous driving
technologies. With this being a sports car, we would rather do all the
driving ourselves without the computers, cameras, sensors, and whatnot
getting in the way.

Photos of the interior cabin are not available right now, but expect to see
an expansive touchscreen dominating the dashboard in the same vein as the
aforementioned Urban EV concept. The latter barely had any physical controls
as most of the functions were available through the infotainment system. The
electric city car also had screens built into the door panels showing
footage from the external cameras. As you can see, the Sports EV concept has
those cameras as well and these come to replace the traditional side

While there’s no word about a production model, let’s keep in mind Honda did
hint a couple of weeks ago a different type of a sports car could join the
lineup sooner or later. It doesn’t necessarily mean the showcar currently
being exhibited in Tokyo will be turned into a production model, but here’s
hoping something along the lines of a little EV coupe with a retro
futuristic design will eventually get the stamp of approval.
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