EVLN: (Please build the Adorable Retro Modern Sports EV)> HMC S2000 Concept
 ... screens built into the door panels showing footage from the external
cameras ... With this being a sports car, we would rather do all the driving
ourselves without the computers, cameras, sensors, and whatnot getting in
the way ...
EVLN: Former coal-baron Flannery's PV Train> an affordable
transport solution
World-first "solar train" about to be launched in Byron Bay ...
... including Kokam batteries and flexible panels supplied by solar pioneer
... “There was fair bit of community resistance to the idea of a diesel ice
train” ...
EVLN: e-commerce relies& expects fast& cheap low-wage army of Mr Yang
e-delivery men
Logistics need a shake-up
YANG MING loads packages into his red e-tricycle from a lorry  delivery
station in Beijing ... he then carries the parcels for the last stretch of
the journey ... impatient shoppers ... concentrate deliveries .... to
central pickup points rather than to customers’ homes ...

OT Toyota admits 'Elon Musk is right'> that fcvs are incredibly dumb
For years, Toyota has been betting on hydrogen fuel cell over
battery-electric vehicles for its zero-emission vehicle strategy. It put the
Japanese automaker ... Now Toyota admits that Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who
called hydrogen fuel cell “incredibly dumb”, “is right,” but the company is
still heavily ...
ot Red Bull's Tacos de Papa powered F1-racer Verstappen got 'toques' (v)
Max's electric vehicle  
Collected from the hotel in a traditional Mexican bus from the more
eccentric … a mariachi band ... masked Lucha Libre wrestler ... bizarre
Mexican pastime of 'toques' ...
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