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Toyota, Honda develop cars that can read their owners’ emotions
October 25, 2017  RICHARD BLACKBURN,Herald Sun

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Toyota's Concept-i can read drivers’ emotions

The Honda NeuV concept car unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo motor show


CAR makers are using artificial intelligence to monitor driver behaviour.

Cars that can read their owners’ emotions - Toyota Concept-i

THE automotive industry is developing “intelligent” cars that can pick up on
human emotions and react to them.

Toyota and Honda are showcasing the next iteration of artificial
intelligence for cars at this week’s Tokyo motor show.

The pair’s concept cars can pick up when a driver is angry, confused,
distracted or tired.

Honda’s NeuV can assess its driver’s stress levels by analysing facial
expressions and voice tones and provide suggestions for coping with
different situations. It can also loan itself out, with its owner’s
permission, when it’s not being used.

The Toyota Concept-i also reads facial expressions and voice tones but takes
it a step further by monitoring body language.

By using the three parameters it can pinpoint a range of emotions from happy
to neutral, irritated, nervous or tired.

The concept car then tries to change the mood of the driver via various
sensory inputs into the cabin, including scents, lighting, airconditioning
and seat movement.

If the driver rubs their eyes or stretches their neck, the car can pick up
the early signs of fatigue and combat them.

The technology could also eventually allow a car to learn about its drivers’
interests and start conversations on relevant topics.

The two concept cars highlighted a burgeoning technological revolution in
the automotive industry, partly prompted by competition from tech giants
including Apple and Google, who have both dabbled in developing autonomous

The growing hype surrounding Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla has
also focused the industry’s mind on alternative technology, including
plug-in and fuel-cell vehicles.

Toyota’s other attraction at the show was a fuel-cell powered luxury concept
car the company claims can crack 100km/h in a sports car-like 5.4 secs while
still delivering 1000km of range.

The party trick is you can drive it facing backwards, as the six-seater
concept will do the driving for you while you swivel your seat to face your

While there are no dates for a production-ready version, the concept shows
that Toyota remains committed to hydrogen-powered cars as a long-term
solution to the world’s energy needs.

But despite the forward thinking, the show still had time for old-fashioned
sports cars. Subaru’s Viziv hints at the next generation WRX, while Honda
unveiled an electric-powered sports car aimed at capturing the glory days of
the Integra and Prelude.
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