Exide India to make Li-ion batteries
Oct 25, 2017  Purba Das

India’s largest automobile battery maker is taking a big bet on the future
by investing resources in manufacturing modules that will go into electric

Betting big on the electric vehicle’s future in the country, leading battery
maker, Exide Batteries, is planning to set up a lithium ion battery plant by
next year. The company has tied up with Chinese major Chaowei Group for its
technology and will start the production of the batteries by 2019.

“It’s a technology partnership for design and manufacture of Lithium Ion
batteries with Zhejiang Chaowei Chuangyan Shiye Co Ltd Group. The deal was
signed at the beginning of this year and will get over by 2025,” says a
senior official in the company who requested anonymity.

The company will have a separate plant for the manufacture of lithium ion
batteries. It should be noted that the company has been in talks with the
Kolkata Port Trust for 25 acres of land. The company has also asked Haldia
Development Authority for an additional 25 acres of land. It is not clear if
Exide is planning to set up manufacturing plants in these lands or if it
would be used for other purposes.

In terms of investments, officials said that over Rs 700 crore were required
to build the ecosystem for the production of lithium ion batteries. “ Such a
huge investments has to be justified by ample demand in the market,” the
official noted.

Currently, the company has been manufacturing batteries for electric
rickshaws. “We have launched a range of batteries for E-rickshaw
applications. Batteries are being offered both in tubular as well as in flat
plate design to ensure maximum performance under the challenging road
conditions. We aim to offer e-mobility solutions for a wide range of
applications, such as e-vans and e-buses, among others,” the company had
said in its annual report for FY17.

However, this does not mean that the traditional lead-acid batteries will
run out of business. According to the official, lead acid batteries will
remain in the market for the next two decades and the company has been
making investments in the same.

Earlier this year, the company invested Rs 700 crore in developing its
state-of-the-art plant in Haldia. The new plant has been manufacturing
next-generation automotive batteries using the ‘punched grid technology’ to
increase the longevity of the batteries. The company has been in
collaboration with the US-based East Penn Manufacturing Company for the
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