'Comes with a multi-slat grill and several spearks placed in the seats' (?)

Tokyo 2017: High-riding Suzuki e-Survivor shows electric future for SUVs
October 26, 2017  




Suzuki mixes the old and the new in the e-Survivor EV concept

Future SUVs and crossovers could soon run on pure electricity, and Suzuki
has just revealed a concept that mixes both ruggedness and high-tech
propulsion. Called the e-Survivor, the high-riding electric vehicle (EV)
features a ladder frame chassis, a stylish exterior and interior, and four
electric motors that power each wheel.

Built and designed to preview what could be the next big EV, the e-Survivor
builds upon the success of both the Jimny and Vitara, and takes it up a
notch. Starting off with its exterior design, the front fascia is
reminiscent of Suzuki's 4x4s of old with its big round headlights,
multi-slat grill and rugged-looking bumper.

Around the back, the e-Survivor gets sleek taillights, a pair of buttresses
and even the iconic 'Rhino' logo that is sitting behind the Suzuki badge.
Other features present on the EV concept include electric-powered
retractable running boards, a T-bar like roof and unique Bridgestone tires.

Over to its interior, the e-Survivor gets a futuristic finish that is
comprised of exposed metal trim and brightly-colored trim accents.
Meanwhile, tech features present in the concept include a sphere-shaped
infotainment system, a steering-wheel mounted monitor, a heads-up display
and another pair of monitors placed in front of the passenger seat. It also
comes with several spearks and air-conditioning vents placed within the

Driving the e-Survivor are four electric motors that are mounted on each
wheel. This gives the EV concept all-wheel drive capability. Paired with the
ladder-frame chassis, tall ride height and short overhangs, the e-Survivor
has all the makings of a capable 4x4. However, Suzuki did not mention as to
how much power the EV concept makes.

Suzuki did not state whether they will be making a production version, but
it is highly likely that the technologies found in the concept may be used
on other vehicle projects.
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