Porsche’s electric Mission E spotted on the Nürburgring
Oct 28, 2017  Adam Westlake


La future Porsche Mission E sur le Nürburgring
Oct 26, 2017 - Uploaded by L'Automobile Magazine
Le concept Mission E ne restera pas cantonné aux moquettes des salons :
Porsche travaille activement sur l ... (The Mission E concept will not be
confined to the living room carpets: Porsche is actively working on ...)

Anticipation is starting to build for Porsche’s upcoming Mission E — its
first all-electric model — ahead of the scheduled 2019 release, and fueling
the excitement are more frequent sightings of the vehicle on the road. While
the electric car is still in development, we’ve mostly been treated to still
images up until now, however video has finally surfaced showing Porsche test
the Mission E on Germany’s famous Nürburgring track.

The brief clip, which was uploaded by France’s L’Automobile Magazine,
reveals a test version of the car flying through Nürburgring’s corners
without hesitation. While it makes almost no noise, it’s clear the Mission E
is driving at high speeds, and it’s exciting to see in motion for the first

The location of the Nürburgring is important, as the track is often used by
car companies to try to set new time records with production vehicles, as
well as testing grounds for performance models. It also shows that Porsche
is making sure the Mission E upholds its reputation for race track speed and

Aside from recent public sightings, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume recently gave
some concrete details on the EV’s development, like noting that its
production design has been finalized, and confirming that it will go on sale
before the end of 2019 and will be competitively priced against Tesla’s
Model S.
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The Porsche Mission E Ushers In Our Terrifyingly Fast And Silent Electric
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recently. ... If you have negative opinions about it or electric cars
overall, do not share them out loud. ... Maybe we should be used to silent
Nürburgring ...
Watch Porsche’s all-electric Mission E test mule speed around Nürburgring
Oct. 27th 2017  ...;strip=all&w=1600
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Oct 11 2017

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