EVLN: (spied)> Mission E @Nürburgring again (v)
Porsche's electric Mission E spotted on the Nürburgring
While the electric car is still in development, we've mostly been treated to
still images up until now, however video has finally surfaced showing
Porsche test the ...
EVLN: Tesla-3 EVs shipped to dealers to install missing parts before
customer deliveries
Tesla Shipped Cars Without Seats And Digital Displays: Report
 ... In numerous instances the company “shipped cars from the factory that
lacked key parts,” ... everything from digital displays to seats ... parts
were flown to Tesla-owned dealers ...
EVLN: Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory Production slowdown> production automation
Production problems at Tesla/Panasonic Gigafactory may be at an end
Tesla partner Panasonic suggests Model 3 production “will rise ...
Panasonic's increasing investment in the electric vehicle industry as it
aims to become the world's leading auto supplier bodes well for Tesla who's
looking to ... ... provided yet another small insight into the "production
hell" that has beset the electric vehicle manufacturer as it tries to enter
the world of mass production ...

Wouldn't you really rather drive a geezer-pleasing Buick EV?
Buick Will Play A Major Part In GM's Electric Car Strategy
General Motors rolled out its plans for an all-electric future in the years
to come and promised 20 new electric cars by 2023. Two all-new electric cars
will arrive ...

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