I'm doing a project with a evnetics jr  controller and a 9-inch warp motor.
On the motor side of the controller I've attached a small Christmas tree
light from the frame to the positive motor output and I seem to have about
10 milliamps of leakage to the frame. I don't have this leakage on the
input side of the controller. The leakages is only when engaging the go
pedal. I took the motor out and put it on a bench with cables going to it
so it would not be connected to the frame of the car. I did not see any
leakage current to the frame of the motor but still had leakage to the
frame of the car. I disconnected the controller from the car and put it on
a wood block. I also gave it its own isolated 12-volt Supply and still
leakage to the frame. I disconnected the reversing contactor and hooked
controller directly to the motor and still leakage to the car frame. I
hooked a heating element in place of the motor,  then the linkage to the
frame is for a short time as the bulb gets bright and then goes out. With
the motor hooked up the Bob continually lights. I also took the dc-to-dc
converter out and that did not help. One other problem I've noticed is that
when I switch from forward to reverse the car would jump a little bit and
then the controller would era out and I would have to shut it down and turn
it back on to go in the other direction. I feel like I've tested everything
except putting in a new controller which I guess is next this seems like an
odd problem. Anybody have any ideas.             Steve Clunn at
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