Electric Car Drives 995.5 Miles on a Single Charge and It's Not a Tesla
27 Oct 2017  Vlad Mitrache

Phoenix EV range contest
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EV HyperMiling World Record Attempt @Autoclub Speedway
jehugarcia Oct 17, 2017  48:28 ...

This August, a group of five Italian drivers set the record for the longest
distance traveled on one charge for any production EV when they went for 29
hours covering slightly over 1,000 kilometers or 670 miles.

That's a far cry from the 335 miles that Tesla credits its 100D model to be
capable of (it's actually precisely twice as much), but don't think the run
was made under normal conditions. The Italians fitted low resistance tires
and switched off the air conditioning, which must have been quite an
experience during the summer.

They also drove at a steady and not very pacey speed, making breaking the
record not exactly the most thrilling prospect for anyone interested. The
Italians also said the Autopilot feature came in quite handy, though any
expert will tell you that leaving the car to maintain a steady speed isn't
the most efficient way to go about it.

But just like they beat the previous record held by somebody from Belgium,
their achievement has now been bested by someone in the U.S. We say
"bested," but it was more like blown away. Of course, there's a very
important catch to it: they didn't use a production vehicle.

You might remember the Phoenix project: a 1997 BMW E39 528i scrapper that
found a new life as an electric vehicle. The car was fitted with a DIY 130
kWh battery pack (so one third larger than on the top Tesla model) and an
unspecified electric motor, and it was ready to challenge the maximum range
of any Tesla.

Now, the battery pack has been extended to over 200 kWh, which is by far the
largest installed in a passenger car. The team went to the Auto Club
Speedway of California, in Fontana, bent on reaching 1,200 miles and setting
a record that would be very hard to beat.

Due to some logistical problems, their time on the track was cut short by
six hours, meaning some of the drivers had to pick up the pace. One claimed
he did most of his leg at 30 mph (50 km/h), which is well above optimal.

Even so, they came off with a very frustrating 995.5 miles (1,602.1 km).
Frustrating because even though it's a great result, it is just 0.5 miles
short of reaching 1,000, which must feel very infuriating. However, it's
well short of the proposed target, but they claim they have learned a lot
from this experience and are ready to try again sometime in the future.

There's a pretty long video that Jehu Garcia shot at during the attempt, so
if you're patient, you might catch a glimpse of the BMW trudging along on
the track below. Just don't expect any drifts or anything like that. 
How far can an electric car go on a single charge? How about from Cincinnati
to Tampa
Nov. 3, 2017  ... The Phoenix ... traveled more than 994 miles on a single
charge, beating the previous record of more than 806 miles set in Japan ...
The effort took two days and 16 drivers to achieve ... the record-breaking
effort …

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