EVLN: 1000mi range @Phoenix EV range contest (v)
Electric Car Drives 995.5 Miles on a Single Charge and It's Not a Tesla
This August, a group of five Italian drivers set the record for the longest
distance … previous record of more than 806 miles set in Japan ...
EVLN: sexy& cute, wacky, offbeat anime-inspired concept EVs @Toyota Motor
Finally Some Sexiness From Japan's Future Cars
As is happening at every other motor show so far this year, literally every
carmaker is pushing their vision of future electric vehicles, autonomous
driving, A.I. ...
EVLN: Lamborghini,GPCC partner to sell Electric-scooters r:65-150km ts:80kph
Lamborghini and GPCC unveil electric scooter
... “We are not only focused on two-wheeled scooters, but we also want to
launch bigger electric vehicles in the future” ...

Home EVSE installation for all those that need to plug-in> (
pr how2)
Juicing up – choices for home charging grow with EV sales
EVSE tech routes conduit piping used to set up an EV charger ...
nod need: Kill Bill that eliminates 'nod needed' $7.5k Fed EV Credit ...
... BTW: the newswires are still burning up about this topic. IMO, the media
does not care that all this hoopla might be just more attention grabbing
donald hype, that loss of the EV credit will barely degrade Tesla sales,
+more ...

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