EVLN: £30-60k Hoversurf> Russian flying he-VTOL with folding wings (v)
Incredible flying car with electric engine and folding wings promises ...
Hoversurf, the Russian company behind the notorious "hoverbike", has
unveiled its latest invention - a flying car with folding wings that can fit
into parking ...
EVLN: Photos of a Tesla-S 75D EV delivered in Pakistan Go Viral | (Polish
Tesla In Pakistan: Photos Of Model S 75D Gone Viral
... the first Tesla in Pakistan has officially landed ... retail price of
the Tesla ... in the Asian subcontinental nation. | Polish Hotel's
prestigious Tesla-X Concierge/Shuttle option ...
EVLN: Solar powered (keke-Napep,Maruwa) e-tricycles
Nigerian company commences sales of solar-powered tricycles ... “Oldang
Electric solar-powered vehicle is an automobile that is propelled by one or
more ... Solar-powered tricycles hit Nigerian market ... Osun State Chairman
of Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria ...

EV charging related: overlapping cell's efficiency sacrificed for higher
PV-panel efficiency
This weird $9 trick increases solar panel efficiency 5-17%
... overlapping PV cells ... Mega Sunergy released a new “multi shingled
array module” 315W solar panel ...
EVent: 2017 EV Festival @Devonport 11/9-12
The 2017 Electric Vehicle Festival is being held in Devonport from November
9 to 12 ... hopes to benefit the general public as well as electric vehicle
enthusiasts ...

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