Honda to halve electric cars' charging time to 15 minutes
November 1, 2017  Nikkei

Quick-charging models with 240km range to debut in 2022

[image]  Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo presents the Japanese automaker's latest
electric concept car.

TOKYO -- Honda Motor aims to roll out electric vehicles capable of 15-minute
charging in 2022, cutting down one of the steepest hurdles to the expansion
of battery-powered cars.

The Japanese automaker plans to release in that year a selection of fully
electric cars that can run 240km on a single 15-minute charge. Most electric
vehicles now available take at least twice that long to reach an 80% charge
even using a high-speed charger.

Key to this plan is developing a new type of high-capacity battery that can
handle the ultra-quick charging. The carmaker sources batteries for its
electric-gas hybrid vehicles from Panasonic and others, but plans to create
the new batteries in collaboration with a partner to be chosen later. A
lighter vehicle body and more efficient power control system will ensure the
new cars can go farther on a single charge.

Before then, Honda plans to release mass-market electric vehicles in Europe
in 2019 and in Japan the following year.

Fast chargers in Japan now provide a maximum output of 150kW, but industry
plans call for raising that to 350kW starting in 2020. Europe is expected to
have a network of several thousand 350kW charging stations by that year.
Honda's next-generation electric vehicles will take advantage of this faster
charging infrastructure.

Nissan Motor's new 2018 Leaf will also offer quicker charging times than the
current model and range 30% longer -- more than 500km on a single charge.
The automaker has a head start on Japanese rivals Honda and Toyota Motor in
mass-market electric vehicles ...
Honda to halve charging time for electric vehicles by 2022
November 1, 2017  TOKYO -- Honda Motor will cut the charging time for its
electric vehicles by more than half to just 15 minutes with new technology
it is set to commercialize ...

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