EVLN: Honda's future EVs will have 350kW L3 ability> charge @240km to 80%SOC
in 15min
Honda to halve charging time for electric vehicles by 2022
TOKYO -- Honda Motor will cut the charging time for its electric vehicles by
more than half to just 15 minutes with new technology it is set to
commercialize ...
EVLN: GM Bolt Out-Sold Tesla
Whoa: General Motors' Chevy Bolt Just Out-Sold Tesla
Sales continue to rise for the little electric car that could. General
Motors said that it sold 2,781 examples of its Chevrolet Bolt EV in ...
EVLN: Perrinn developing electric racer for Le Mans 24 Hours
British constructor Perrinn is developing what it is billing as the world's
fastest electric racing car as a step towards a Le Mans 24 Hours assault
inside 10 years …

170k metric tons of li-ion battery end-of-life stream> recycling
EV batteries cause China recycling concerns
China's early adoption of electric vehicle usage means the country is also
getting an early look at the next big material in the waste stream:
lithium-ion batteries ...

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