EVLN: Tesla Update> "chill acceleration" (pablum) mode | (Tesla should take
on agriculture)
Tesla's latest software update includes a new 'chill' acceleration mode
The high-tech electric vehicle automaker Tesla is rolling out a new feature
in its cars, and it sounds like it'll be perfect for anyone looking for a
calmer, more relaxing ride ...
EVLN: Electric School Buses> same performance, safety& comfort but breathes
In addition to the same vehicle performance, safety and comfort as the
Saf-T-Liner C2, this new electric school bus has quiet operation and
produces zero ... | ChargE electric school bus concept ...
EVLN: Electric-ag-drones help auton-combine harvest barley for brewing
"hands-free" beer
Robotic Farm Completes 1st Fully Autonomous Harvest
'Hands Free Hectare' gives us a peek at the future of automated agriculture
... several small-size agricultural machines, including a tractor and a
combine ... were able to make more precise movements, limit damage to soil
... and increase efficiency ...

Polish Super Early EV Adopter> turned EV Business Entrepreneur
Life As A Super Early EV Adopter & Now EV Entrepreneur In Poland
 ... Tomasz Gać was one of the first Electric car owners in Poland ... was
much better because we saw expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network ...
Self-driving bus crashes 2hours after launch in Las_Vegas-NV> human at fault
It has an attendant and a computer monitor, and uses GPS and electric curb
sensors ... The auton e-shuttle stopped, the delivery truck ice did not ...

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