Tucson man returns to Havasu on electric car trip

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Tucson Electric Vehicle Association members (from left) Jerry Asher, David
Gilbert and Steve Parkhurst arrive in Lake Havasu City Tuesday during a
statewide trek across Arizona’s 15 county seats. On their stop in Kingman,
the trio stopped at the city’s Powerhouse electric car museum.

Two years ago, a Tucson man stopped in Lake Havasu City on a trek across the
state to promote the growth of Arizona’s green energy infrastructure. He
returned to Lake Havasu Tuesday morning on a new journey, with a new set of

For the past six years, Jerry Asher has traveled Arizona’s highways and
byways in his electric car, a 2011 Nissan LEAF nicknamed “The Spirit of
Arizona.” Last year, he visited each of Arizona’s 15 county seats, becoming
the first electric car driver to do so. He’s charged his car in the same way
Arizonans would charge a mobile phone, plugging its battery into electrical
outlets wherever he stopped. On Tuesday, he was joined by friends as he
towed “The Spirit of Arizona” behind a new Tesla Model X – which according
to Asher may be the first of its kind to include a towing rig.

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Asher’s electric car is able to travel more than 100 miles with a full
charge, while using what he estimates as less than $5 in electricity to
power his vehicle. For Asher, the journey is an adventure – but it also
conveys the possibility of a greater need and attainability of an electric
vehicle infrastructure in Arizona.

While electric vehicles such as Asher’s can be plugged into most
wall-sockets, dedicated “fast-charging” stations can replenish drivers’
batteries much more quickly. Of such stations, the region of Desert Hills
and Lake Havasu City has only three.“I like the feeling of getting in touch
with Arizona,” Asher said. “It’s the enjoyment of going further…like
missionary work – To get people to be willing to share their plugs. I get to
go around, interacting with people, and explaining the advent of
electric-powered vehicles.”According to Asher, Havasu’s vast number of
California visitors, many of whom could soon own electrically-powered
vehicles, may be incentive for Havasu to increase its charging station
infrastructure. With an abundance of charging stations, Asher says, more
“green” drivers would find their respective interests drawn to the Havasu

Asher was on Tuesday joined in Havasu by David Gilbert, President of the
Tucson Electric Vehicle Association.“He’s letting people know these electric
cars are out there, and they might stop in your town,” Gilbert said. “We’ve
been making quick loops of all 15 counties, and talking with chambers of
commerce. Less than two percent of cars on the road are electric – we’re in
the pioneer stage of this technology. We’re inviting people to be pioneers
with us.”The technology of electric car batteries has progressed since Asher
first began traveling Arizona, Gilbert said, and newer models can travel
150-200 miles on a full charge.
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