Tesla Model S Hacked To Make The EV Run Longer On Hydrogen — But Does It
November 8, 2017  Patricia Grannum

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Holthausen Group @Holthausen
    HESLA! Coming soon...@Tesla on #Hydrogen
    Private project of @Max_Holthausen
    7:39 AM - Nov 3, 2017
    Groningse ondernemer wil Tesla's ombouwen tot waterstofwagens, met
upgrade moet je 1000 kilometer kunnen halen (Groningen entrepreneur wants to
convert Tesla into hydrogen cars, with up to 1000 kilometers to upgrade)
    6:43 AM - Nov 2, 2017

A Tesla Model S has been hacked [
] by a company in the Netherlands so that it can be powered by hydrogen.
According to the Drive, a Dutch gas company called the Holthausen Group says
that they have successfully extended the range of the Model S by running it
on hydrogen. They’re calling the project Project Hesla, which stands for
hydrogen-powered Tesla.

The company sourced a second-hand Model S to conduct their experiment.
Adding another power source to the Tesla was no easy feat. These premium
electric vehicles typically don’t accept power from an external source, so
you have to find a workaround. Finding this workaround was a big challenge
for Project Hesla.

But the company claims that they have been able to add the secondary
hydrogen power source and double the range of the Tesla Model S. In addition
to the onboard battery, the Project Hesla vehicle can run on hydrogen stored
in tanks. The hydrogen is pumped from the tanks and into a fuel cell which
supplies extra juice for the car battery, adding 620 miles (1,000

One of the goals of the project is to assist Tesla drivers who may be
traveling long distances and may not have access to a charging station. As
the Drive notes, hydrogen is considered one of the most commercially viable
alternative fuel sources on the market right now, with car companies like
Toyota making serious investments into the gas.

According to Futurism, hydrogen gas could become even more appealing, as
scientists have discovered that it can be created using seawater [
]. There’s also a high-strength aluminium alloy that can turn into hydrogen
when it makes contact [
] with water.

However, in the U.S., hydrogen fueling stations aren’t that common; there
are less than 40 stations open to the public spread across four states.

The other factor that could block Project Hesla vehicles from appealing to
consumers is the cost. Adding the hydrogen power source tacks on an extra
$58,000 to the prices of the vehicle. So a Model S P100D would cost $205,000
with the hydrogen gas power included, the Drive calculates.
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