% ... Bigfoot #20 monster e-truck designed and built by Dennis Berube ... %

The world’s first all-electric monster truck and 200mph plug-in superbike in
epic Mad Max race to promote E.ON’s Tesla-beating charging points
6th November 2017  Dan Elsom

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The Bigfoot #20 monster truck is the first of its kind to use all-electric

The Raesr hypercar has serious acceleration power

Lightning Motorcycles' LS 218 bike can reach a staggering top speed of

E-On  Mad Max style convoy raced across the desert on pure battery power

If you thought electric vehicles lacked power, think again. This epic convoy
of supercharged EVs prove that plug-in motors have the grunt to battle it
out with the rest of the motoring world

IF you think electric cars don't have the same excitement as regular high
octane motors - then just take a look at this.

Monster trucks, hypercars and lightning fast superbikes all feature in a
thrilling new Mad Max-style video.

The advert was created as part of E.ON's "Freedom is Electric" project
that'll create a network of Tesla-beating super chargers.

The footage shows the world's first fully electric monster truck battling it
out in a desert race with a 200mph electric bike and a host of other
powerful plug-ins.

The EV convoy, which also includes a 1,250bhp hypercar, is shown carving
along the desert track, leaving an empty petrol station in its wake.

Undoubtedly the most impressive vehicle in the mix, the Bigfoot #20 monster
truck is the only one of its kind, powered by 30 batteries delivering an
incredible 360 volts.

And generating 800lb-ft of torque despite its 11,000lbs of mass, it
certainly has the grunt to compete in the monster truck world.

Just as impressive are the capabilities of the featured Lightning
Motorcycles LS 218 and Raesr hypercar.

With a top speed of 218mph and range of 100 miles, it is no surprise the
plug-in two-wheeler has already broken four land speed records.

The Raesr Tachyon Speed on the other hand utilises six direct drive motors
to generate 1,250bhp, giving it the power to travel from 0-120mph in less
than seven seconds.
Mad Max style convoy raced across the desert on pure battery power

Alongside the advert, E.ON announced it will introduce fast-charging
technology in up to 10,000 locations across Europe by 2020.

More powerful than Tesla's 120kW outlets, the ultra-fast charging network
offers 150 kW of power with an upgrade option to 350 kW.

That means it can charge a 400 kilometre (248 miles) battery to full in less
than 30 minutes.

Anthony Ainsworth, global head of marketing at E.ON, said: "By bringing
together these amazing vehicles and their equally passionate and inspiring
owners we wanted to help people to reconsider what they think they know
about electric vehicles, how they view energy and what they think about E.ON
and its moves to be a force for change in energy.
The high-powered electric vehicles by the numbers

Bigfoot #20 monster truck:

    Powered by 30 batteries
    Delivers 360 volts of power
    11,000lbs weight
    800lb-ft of torque

Shelby Cobra EV conversion:

    Powered by 96 lithium-ion batteries
    100-mile range
    375kW power output
    0-60mph takes about three seconds

Lightning Motorcycles LS 218

    Won Pike's Peak Hill Climb
    218mph top speed
    100-mile range
    Four land speed records

Raesr Tachyon Speed hypercar

    6 direct drive motors
    Can do 0-120mph in under 7 seconds

"Our aim is clear, to remove the perceived barriers of electric vehicles to
really help improve the electric future for our customers.

"We are doing this by developing a growing network of charging points
throughout Europe; whether at home, at work or on the go, from the city to
the mountains.

"We are investing in superfast charging technology including the first
superfast charging station in Germany, being installed later this year,
meaning EV becomes easy and drivers can get back on the road quicker than
ever before."
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BigFoot EV: A Monster Truck That Runs on Electricity?
November 6, 2017  Europe-based E.ON electric charging station network is
feating the BigFoot #20 all-electric monster truck in its recent ad campaign
... Electrification of every-day trucks and passenger vehicles makes sense
... The BigFoot #20 was originally unveiled in 2012, and it is energized by
30 separate batteries. Six additional batteries power the steering and brake
systems ...
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Mol and E.On to install 40 charging stations for electric cars in Romania
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Battery Powered BIGFOOT « Bigfoot 4×4, Inc. – Monster Truck Racing ...
BIGFOOT #20, the world's first electric monster truck, carries a
custom-designed battery-powered electric motor, which was designed and built
by Dennis Berube ...
Dennis Berube
Education           AI Prince Tech
Developed DC Motors for the Worlds quickest drag bike and dragster.
Owner, builder,driver worlds quickest electric dragster.
Developed and patented a carbon brush replacement for Lincoln Welders
(generator)that increases productivy.It makes a welders job easier.
Search  Dennis Berube  on the evdl archive
Specifications - Lightning MotorcyclesLightning Motorcycles
The Lightning LS-218 is the world's fastest production motorcycle.

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