EVLN: EVs don't interfere-with/harm cardiac/heart implants
Fans of Tesla electric cars who also have implanted heart devices can rest
... This proof-of-concept study suggests that "electric vehicles may be safe
to use for ... Driving a Tesla may not trip your defibrillator  Sitting in,
or standing close to the charging port of a Tesla electric vehicle didn't
trigger a shock or interfere with implantable defibrillator performance ...
EVLN: NYC UPS truck conversions using 225kW Switched Reluctance e-Motors
State-Backed Project to Convert UPS Diesel Trucks to Electric in NYC
“This program will help UPS develop and deploy electric delivery trucks
faster and more affordably. Because they are cleaner and quieter, electric
vehicles are ideal ...
EVLN: Tesla changed perceptions> like a push for the whole (U.S./Detroit)
auto industry
Michigan drivers friendly to Tesla's electric car design
Tesla got people thinking differently and exploring options more
aggressively ... GM announced plans to launch 20 new electric vehicle models
by 2023. Ford said it would add 13 new electric vehicles over the next few
years ... 

Monterey to SF Bay area to Tahoe EVSE corridor progress (evgo pr)
55 L3 CHAdeMO& Combo 50kW charging stations @25 CA locations ...
Ford's Energi pih abandonment raises questions> (AK writer's EV-ignorance
One encouragement for electric cars in Southeast is an abundance of cheap
hydro-electricity ... absence of public charging stations on the Kenai
Peninsula was one factor that discouraged buyers ... charging 140 electric
cars at once would put about a megawatt of electrical load on HEA’s system

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