> And you call that good?

I sure do, when the alternative is to WALK, or to have two separate cars.
One for EV local use and another to use about once a month just for a
strip to grammas...

>> Round trip was 50 so 33 MPG or so...

>>> today, I had to go to a meeting 25 miles away ...  I used another
>>> gallon and a half of gas ...

Yes, I still maintain that for the American that only has one car, and
needs it for both local and occasional travel, that the best and most cost
effective  transition from fossil fuel to EV's is the Chevy Volt.  Hands
down.  It has TWICE the range of most other PIH's... and the only one with
MORE EV daily range than the national daily 40 mile daily American

Bob, Wb4APR
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