EVLN: $15k 4seat floatable Fomm EV>, r:160km ts:80kph (v)
Fomm EV Built in Thailand ... Engineered & Sold in Japan … range ...160 km
... speeds up to 80km/h ... can actually float on water ...
EVLN: Semi-Auton e-Farming> A More Realistic Solution (a helping hand)
Electrifying tractors ... would change many facets of our industry and would
require adaptation by many players. For example, dealers would have to
re-think their economic model since electric tractors would require less
maintenance ...
EVLN: Navya's auton e-Taxi nEV shuttling passengers around Las_Vegas-NV
Is Navya's Autonom Cab the Electric, Autonomous Taxi of the Future?
One of its vehicles is shuttling passengers around Las Vegas as part ...

e-drones fly above an ag field's quagmire below> spread fertilizer, seed,
Here it comes: This drone can spread your fertiliser
We've all heard of 'agricultural' drones that can monitor your crops.
However, Rauch will shortly unveil a unit that can spread fertiliser ...

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