Fomm EV Built in Thailand, Sold in Japan
13-Nov-2017  (subscription)

Prototype Fomm EV being test driven in Thailand where it will be assembled

Four-passenger electric mini-car developed by engineers who worked on EV
projects for Toyota.

Engineered in Japan, built in Thailand will be the key hallmark of the Fomm
four-passenger electric car that can float.

Yes, you read that right. This compact electric car with a range said to be
up to 160 km (100 mi) on a charge at speeds up to 80km/h (50 mph), can
actually float on water. In fact, there's a Youtube video that proves the
point. In a world of rising ocean levels and coastal flooding, this could be
a very useful capability; and who said water and electricity don't mix?

While Fomm [
] is based in Japan, where the car was engineered and first debuted in 2014,
plans are for it to be assembled in Chon Buri province, Thailand starting in
mid-2018. In Japan the car will be sold through big-box electronics retailer
Yamada Dinki. The Thai Bhat price of the car is reported to be Bt500,000 or
around $15,000US, admittedly still quite expensive for the average Thai, but
the government is proposing a Bt100,000 [US$3k] rebate to help [Thai]
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