On Fri Nov 17 15:18:16 PST 2017 ev@lists.evdl.org said:
>On 11/17/2017 01:02 PM, John Lussmyer via EV wrote:
>> Nah, I want the Semi - converted to a Motorhome!
>I had not thought of that!  I had been a great fan of MB Sprinter
>conversions.  I have one turning to dust in a garage.  Hasn't been
>started in ~2 years.  I tried to start both the propane generator and
>the main diesel engine a couple of weeks ago.  No go.  I imagine we will
>start seeing Tesla truck conversions as soon as the supply allows.  It
>wouldn't take many to make an interesting charging load at RV parks.

Yeah, Plug in at the RV Park, and draw 42A @ 240V for the full 2 days that you 
are there.


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