Towing with a Bolt

The question posted asks about towing with an EV in general. I feel others
have answered that.

But the subject/topic of the post specifically asks towing with a Bolt EV.

I would first see what others have done, by checking with what the Bolt
drivers have posted

And then, because the Bolt's underpinnings are based on the Chevy Sonic ice,
you could also look to what the Sonic drivers have posted

Which btw also gives:

Chevrolet Sonic Trailer Hitch
For your 2015 Chevy Sonic the Draw Tite Hitch part # 24878 has been
confirmed as a fit and will work well for light towing as long as you stay
under the hitch's towing capacity of 200 lbs tongue weight and 2,000 lbs
total trailer weight and the towing capacities for the vehicle listed in the
owners manual.

That last bit is what you should have already read (the Bolt manual - rtfm)
to know the Bolt EV's design limitations.

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